Parents present petition for Caerphilly Welsh medium education funding


A petition signed by 1,200 people calling on the Welsh Government to provide funding for a Welsh medium secondary school in Caerphilly county borough has been presented to the Assembly’s petitions committee.

Ben Jones, chair of Caerphilly County committee of RhAG, (left), presented the petition to William Powell AM, chair of the Assembly petitions committee. Also attending front left was Russell George AM and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM (right) along with parents from Caerphilly.

The e-Petition calls on the National Assembly to urge Leighton Andrews, Minister for Education and Skills, to give urgent priority to the bid submitted by Caerphilly County Borough Council for monies to finance the badly needed additional Welsh medium secondary provision by 2013.

It is estimated that around 700 children will need Welsh medium primary school places by 2016 and nearly 1,000 extra children will want comprehensive placements by 2020. This means that the borough needs to build at least one more primary and one more secondary school.