Plaid Cymru councillors will vote against 3.9% rise in council tax



Plaid Cymru councillors in Caerphilly will oppose a 3.9% hike in council tax on hard-pressed residents.

The appeal comes as the authority prepare to begin a series of public consultation about the budget for 2016-17, including the council tax increase.

Proposals by the ruling Labour group would see the Band D rate rise from £992.02p to £1,031.71 in April next year. That means Ban D bills will have increased by a whopping £133.87 since 2012 – against just £25 over four years when Plaid Cymru ran the authority.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the 20-strong Plaid Cymru group, said: "The Labour Party is addicted to hiking people’s council tax. Residents will be paying more for services but getting less for their money if this goes through.

"We don’t believe there is need to increase council tax at the level proposed. We hope that the Labour group think again – but I guess they will push it through whatever people think as they always do.

"And in future years if Labour is elected similar increases are proposed. Yet, they refuse to look at ways of saving money.

"I would ask the Labour leader why they refuse to cut the number of Cabinet members, which they increased on election, to save some money. They prefer to make the public pay. And why do they refuse to look at cutting the proposed pay packages for well-paid chief officers?

"People have told me at their disgust at recent revelations in the media about the size of pay levels at local authority, but as usual Labour in Caerphilly is sitting on its hands."