£20m agency staff bill run up by Labour leaders in Caerphilly


A total of £20,671,685 m has been run up by Labour-run Caerphilly council employing agency staff since 2012. 

While at the same time hundreds of staff have been made compulsory or voluntary redundant or taken voluntary severance between 2012-13 to the end of the last financial year. 

Since last April £3,940,000 has been spent up to the end of January 2017, including half of the amount in staffing the council’s corporate services department. The average number of full-time agency staff taken on has varied between 120 and 163 over the last five years.

The figures have been revealed following Freedom of Information requests made by Plaid Cymru. 

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: “Caerphilly council under Labour has been spending almost £80,000 EVERY SINGLE WEEK on agency staff – and it has significantly increased by ONE THIRD since they took over the administration in 2012. In the last year of the Plaid Cymru administration just over £3m was spent.

“Employing agency staff is an expensive way of doing business. There will always be need for temporary support but costs have risen to more than £4m a year.

 “If a Plaid Cymru administration is elected following the elections on May 4th, we will carry out a review of the spending on agency staff to look at the opportunities to reduce this bill. 

“At the same time agency staff have been employed, many hundreds of people have been taken off the council payroll in the last few years.”