Plaid Cymru councillors demand action over threat to right of way


Plaid Cymru councillors are demanding action from Caerphilly council over what they see as a threat to an important footpath above Penyrheol.

They are worried after two large girders were spotted at the bottom of the lane leading from Heol Las to the Common.

Councillors Steve Skivens, Lindsay Whittle, Margaret Sargent and council election candidate Jon Scrivens want Caerphilly authority to take action to have the obstacles removed and end the continual problems in the area.

Councillor Skivens said: “There has been a furious reaction from local people on Facebook to these girders being put up.

“This is just the latest problem in this area and I’ve been pressing Caerphilly council to take action but the authority has been reluctant to take this forward. It’s time they stopped sitting on their hands.

“We’ve had a catalogue of problems in this area over the last few years including dumping, blocking access, noise, pollution and dog nuisance.”

While Councillor Whittle added: “Call me suspicious but it looks like someone wants to gate this public highway off. Not allowed and I have notified the authorities.”

See girders on Lindsay Whittle's Facebook page