Call for rethink on highway maintenance cuts by Plaid leader


Plaid Cymru’s leader on Caerphilly council, Colin Mann, has called for a rethink on cuts of hundreds of thousands of pounds in pothole repairs and other highway maintenance work.

Councillor Mann made the appeal in the wake of  a report that it would take 24 years and more than half a billion pounds to get Wales’ roads up to scratch as the number of potholes being repaired has fallen, according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA).

Councillor Colin Mann said: “It seems ludicrousthat Labour-controlled Caerphilly council has decided to slash spending on highway maintenance by £312,000 in the next year at a time when the poor condition of many roads has been highlighted.

“The council has money in reserves which it could use yet they ordered cuts despite the public making it plain in consultation carried out by the authority that they opposed hitting highway maintenance.

“This really is a false economy.  More roads will deteriorate, more cars will be damaged and more motorists will claim for damage to their vehicles. Rather than cutting the maintenance budget, they should be increasing the amount to tackle the pothole menace.

 “Even the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), which represents Welsh local authorities, says that ‘sustained investment in the network is needed’. The council needs to rethink its cuts in pothole repairs.”