Plaid councillors welcome ban on parking to improve safety in Caerphilly


Parking is to be banned along a stretch of  busy Bedwas Road, Caerphilly, after appeals for action from Plaid Cymru councillors Phil Bevan and Mike Prew.

The order approved by Caerphilly council will prevent parking in front of 148-152 Bedwas Road to improve visibility for vehicles leaving the Virginia Grove estate.

County Councillor Phil Bevan said: “I have been campaigning for action for a number of years. Unfortunately, the wheels of officialdom can turn very slowly but we hope now that visibility for all traffic users will now be improved, reducing the risk of a serious accident at this junction.

Caerphilly Town Councillor Mike Prew said: “Our suggestions, after talking to residents, were based on relocating the Lansbury Park junction to form a roundabout with access to the Virginia Grove estate but that was rejected. We have also suggested traffic lights, but again unsuccessfully.

“Obviously, these would be very expensive and it would be very difficult to obtain finance to have them implemented. But we will now monitor the new arrangements to see if double yellow lines do help improve safety or whether something more substantial is needed.”

Local Plaid activist Lisa Burrows added: “What is important is that the ban on parking is enforced to prevent any abuse. I understand the council will be taking over parking enforcement next year. 

“This will mean more vigilance with the council keeping the fines raised. So time sensitive parking and yellow line abuse will bring funds in. Not good news for drivers, but good news for those affected by illegal parking.”