'Join us to empower your community and country' – Leanne Wood


Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood is speaking at a public meeting in Caerphilly next Monday where she will set out a radical agenda for ensuring that ‘decisions affecting Wales are made in Wales’ through a programme of democratisation and empowerment.

Leanne will outline these ideas and hear from people in the area about their aspirations for Lansbury Park , Caerphilly  and Wales ranging  from education to enterprise to democratic reform, emphasises giving people a greater say over the matters that affect them and their communities.

Leanne Wood says it's vital to re-engage individuals with politics and challenge the despair that has dominated in light of a decade of cuts and the vote to leave the EU.

The Plaid Cymru leader states that the Tories and Labour present a false choice between top-down, increasingly regressive right-wing politics, and the latter’s London-centric agenda with its stubborn refusal to yield power from Westminster or Cardiff.

The public meeting will be the local launch of the pamphlet “The Change We Need” as Leanne Wood embarks on a tour of Wales hosting public meetings to discuss the ideas contained in the pamphlet and engage with people on a grassroots level.

Leanne Wood said: “I want people throughout Wales to consider how we can lift up our country by taking responsibility for our own affairs and our own lives, and on how we can start a debate in Wales about ending our dependence on others.

“Decisions about Wales should be made in Wales. Self-determination means that we should choose which powers we want to share with other countries or with Europe.

“We need to get out there and show people how the core weakness of Labour’s paternalistic, centralising socialism is its democratic deficit. It will neither enable people to own their own resources nor run them democratically. It won’t empower people because it doesn’t trust people.

“It means ensuring that the poorest areas of the country can benefit from a sustainable regional approach to economic development."

Community Councillor for Lansbury Park, John Leek, added: “I'm delighted to welcome Leanne again to this part of Wales to meet people in Lansbury Park and Caerffili. The pamphlet is a common sense approach to improving and empowering Wales, its people and its communities.

"People want a radical political voice that represents all parts of Wales and that's what Plaid Cymru can provide.”

The public meeting will be held at Van Community Centre on Monday, April 30 at 6.30pm.