Plaid Cymru call for action to safeguard pedestrians crossing near busy roundabout


Plaid Cymru councillors fear a pedestrian could be seriously injured while construction works continues at the Pwllypant roundabout in Caerphilly.

Llanbradach Plaid Cymru councillors Colin Mann and Rob Gough have asked Caerphilly council engineers to look at possible ways of improving safety for walkers trying to get across the road near the busy roundabout.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “Recently, I’ve seen a mum with a push-chair and a mum with two children trying to cross near the roundabout while traffic whizzes around. It was very dangerous and I had my heart in my mouth.

“Rob and I are really worried that a motorist might not see someone crossing and there could be a serious accident or worse. We’ve raised the issue at a meeting with council engineers.”

Councillor Rob Gough added: “We appreciate the importance of the work but for pedestrians that are trying to cross it can be dangerous, particularly with all the cones that have been put up.

“The engineers told us that they are looking at warning signs which would alert drivers to the issue. Action is needed before something serious happens.”