Homing pigeons may have to be destroyed in row over housing transfer


Matthew Graves with pigeons under threat of death

Homing pigeons face being destroyed because of a red tape row over a council housing transfer in Caerphilly county borough.

The pigeons have been housed at the home of the late Gwyn Graves at Castle View, Pwllypant, for many years and were jointly owned by him and his son, Matthew.

When he passed away, Matthew Graves and his wife, Clare, applied to move from their council home in Churchill Park to Castle View. But housing officials have refused to allow the transfer because, they say, there are other applicants with greater need.

But Colin Mann, the Plaid Cymru ward councillor for Llanbradach, who represents Pwllypant, has called for an urgent rethink.

He said: “These pigeons are homing pigeons and I have been advised clearly by the Welsh Homing Pigeon Union that they cannot be moved.  This leaves the only alternative is for the council to have the pigeons culled which clearly would be appalling.

“Members of the Graves family has lived at Castle View since it was built 50 or 60 years ago. They are the only tenants. What Matthew Gravesand his wife are requesting is merely a transfer of tenancy from their Churchill Park home, which is more modern.

“The council will not lose a property by allowing a transfer and it seems to me that the family are caught up in red tape. Surely, the council housing department should use some commonsense and, therefore, avoid these homing pigeons having to be put down. The stance they are taking seems ridiculous to me.”