Cool down appeal to frustrated motorists caught up in Pwllypant roundabout congestion


Plaid Cymru councillor Steve Skivens has called for calm from motorists and residents after months of disruption around the Caerphilly area created by road works at the Cedar Tree roundabout, Pwllypant.

Penyrheol councillor Steve Skivens said: “The road works which are necessary to improve traffic volume at the roundabout has unwittingly led to a deterioration in driving behaviour.

Councillor Skivens said: “Bad driving and dangerous practices are being reported to me daily by residents and I’ve experienced and observed it. Nearly everyone I speak to on the matter has had a bad experience.

“This has resulted in increased minor accidents, near misses, and aggressive disputes between drivers and with pedestrians.

“People are also using residential side streets to try to avoid congestion. They are driving aggressively and not giving way and people are speeding unnecessarily.”

Councillor Steve Skivens added: “We are all trying to get somewhere by road but please don’t take risks and remember your journey is no more important than the person in the next vehicle.

“The road works are a protracted job and still creating new issues for motorists. What concerns me is that driving behaviour has changed for the worse. Things need to settle down or we will have a legacy when the works are completed which is an unwitting consequence and making our roads less safe for all.”