Walk into Caerphilly branded a disgrace by Plaid Cymru councillor


Councillor Huw Jackson

Town Councillor Huw Jackson has called on Caerphilly Council to improve Park Lane, one of the main ways that visitors enter the town centre, describing it as a disgrace.

Huw Jackson, Plaid Cymru councillor for the Twyn Ward and Town Deputy Mayor, said: “Tourists, as well as residents, must get a very poor impression when walking from the Crescent Road Car Park along Park Lane and into Cardiff Road.  I contacted the county to remove some black bags that had been dumped behind Peacocks for some weeks, which they did.  

 However, the former Church Hall and police station sites are becoming a dumping ground for litter and other rubbish, while the whole area is overgrown.  Together with the graffiti, Park Lane is not only a terrible advert for Caerphilly, it can feel very unsafe for visitors.  It’s a disgrace.

He added: “A t the end of the day it is the poor attitude of a minority at the root of this.  However, the county needs to recognise the importance of its role in making Caerphilly an attractive place to shop and do business  and tidy up the old Church Hall site, as well as the Lane itself.”

Since drawing this issue to the attention of the county council, the Caerphilly Town Centre Management Group will be working to clear as much of the graffiti as possible, he explained.