Plaid leader questions why teachers allowed to leave schools – only to be re-employed later


Nine teachers have returned to working at schools in Caerphilly county after receiving early retirement or redundancy pay-outs, it has been revealed by Plaid Cymru.

Seven of those teaching staff that left between 2014 and 2018 are still working at schools. Two teachers returned to the same school they left, albeit on short term contracts.

The figures are on top of nine other council workers who left and were then re-employed, according to a response by the authority under the Freedom of Information Act.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: “This latest response only reinforces the question residents will be asking – Why let them leave in the first place?

“I have heard many comments, myself, about teachers leaving and then being back in school soon afterwards.  There is also concern that teachers who have left with appropriate pension or compensation payments are then taken on in preference to young people who have qualified as teachers but struggle to get an opportunity to use their qualifications."

Councillor Colin Mann wrote to the council’s chief executive, Christina Harrhy and leader David Poole raising the issue.

The chief executive said that the matter was being reviewed and would be “further clarified in the pay policy that will be present to council next year.’’

“In the meantime, officers will also issue advice to schools. However, I wish to advise that employment law does not allow us to prevent ex-employees applied for or being appointed to posts within the council, in competition with others," she wrote.