Inquiry urged after Caerphilly Council’s Out-Of-hours Service fails to respond


Dumped rubbish Pictured on Facebook

Plaid Cymru’s Aber Valley councillors want an urgent review of Caerphilly Council’s out-of-hours service after they failed to respond following the illegal dumping of containers next to a children’s play area.

The eight containers were spotted on Saturday (October 13)  next to the play area in Senghenydd and were reported by communitiy councillor Debbie Daniels to Caerphilly Council’s out-of-hours emergency number.

Lyndon Binding

But the councillor was told there was nothing that could be done, explained Aber Valley councillor Lyndon Binding who with fellow councillors John Roberts and John Taylor are very unhappy with the response from the authority.

Councillor Binding, who has written to chief executive Christina Harrhy to ask for a review, said: “I contacted the councils out-of-hours service to ask for assistance, only to be told that environmental health and highways were not willing to attend. I was left with no choice to contact the police and fire service to gain resolution.

“As ward councillors we condemn the dumping of these containers which is totally irresponsible. However, this issue highlights a number of significant concerns and begs the question ‘is the council’s out-of-hours emergency service fit for purpose?". What would have happened if after this being reported, and absolutely no action taken by the various departments, a child or member of the public came into contact with whatever was in the containers and was seriously hurt?

“A council officer should have responded to ascertain the possible level of danger to the public and escalated the issue if necessary?”

Councillor Binding said that he had spoken to the police and fire service on Saturday but had not been made aware what was in the containers, which have now been cleared away.