Plaid Cymru councillors support motion opposing axing of front counter service at Caerphilly Police Station


Plaid Cymru will back a motion opposing the axing of the front counter service to the public at Caerphilly Police Station from January 2nd.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said its councillors would support a Labour motion opposing the loss of service and calling for a police presence at Caerphilly Library. It will be discussed at Caerphilly council’s next full meeting in December.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “We’re happy to support this motion because we consider the closure is short-changing the public, particularly after £310,000 of public money was spent opening the station at Caerphilly.

“We recognise that all public services are under pressure but we don’t believe removing public access to the station is the way forward. It is important that links between the public and police are strengthened not weakened.

“Facilities were offered to Gwent Police by the former Plaid Cymru administration when the new library was being planned. But, then the police did not take up the office which we found surprising and disappointing.

“Plaid Cymru believes the Chief Constable needs to rethink the decision on the front counter, not ignore the genuine concerns and just plough on regardless,” added Councillor Mann, who is a member of the Gwent Police and Crime Panel.