Plaid councillors back plans for new electric buses for Caerphilly to drive down pollution



Plaid Cymru has welcomed plans by the UK government to support the introduction of electric buses in Caerphilly

Councillor James Fussell, whose St Martin’s ward includes the town centre, said: “The confirmation by the UK Government that they will fund Stagecoach to transform its Caerphilly-based operation with 16 single deck electric buses is a fantastic boost to the local economy. It will also be good for the well being and health of our town residents.

“Bus, coach, lorry and rail emissions are in part the reason why Caerphilly has several air quality problems, although the problem has reduced over time. This change in 2020 will we hope have a significant impact.

“There may be at last joined up thinking. I this investment is also supported by Welsh Government or City Region funding to transform the rail/bus interchange then Caerphilly will be on a roll, and will become an investment target for other initiatives. 

“Welsh ancients monuments body Cadw is already looking to press ahead with further improvements of the castle to increase footfall. And private developers are reconsidering the town centre to create affordable housing which, in turn, may assist the transformation of the shopping areas too.”