Labour’s Double Whammy: Soaring Council Tax Bills And Spending Cuts


Colin Mann

A council tax rise of 6.95% proposed by Labour rulers in Caerphilly for 2019-20 will mean that bills have risen by a whopping 26% since 2013.

And while residents in the county borough have been asked to pay more, the council has made more than £73m in spending cuts and savings between 2013-14 and 2019-20.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Caerphilly council said: “Labour has dealt people in Caerphilly a double whammy of soaring council tax and huge spending cuts.

“Council tax at Band D was £897.84 in 2012-13, the last year the bills were set by a Plaid Cymru administration.  From April 2019 the bill will be £1131.21 - £233.37 EXTRA. This has come at a time when many workers have received little or no wage increases and certainly well below the 26% rise since 2013-14.  Is it any surprise that so many of our residents are struggling to makes ends meet?

“While austerity has had a significant impact on local authority budgets, the Labour council has combined hefty council tax rises with slashing services to the tax-payer.

“Residents will know that in tough times Labour has wasted money on everything from an ill-judged Local Development Plan – now in the bin -  through to the nearly £3m extra for the Pwllypant road improvement and millions of pounds on the senior officers’ pay fiasco.

“People cannot afford this administration!”

Cuts/Savings Since 2013-14 (detailed in Cabinet Reports)

13-14: £6.o99m

14-15-: £14.720m

15-16: £1.960m

16-17: £11.117m

17-18: £9.046m

18-19: £6.736m

19-20: £3.921m

TOTAL: £73.59m