Plaid councillors slam plans for 500-space railway park and ride at Llanbradach


Plans to build a 500-space park and ride site at Llanbradach have been strongly criticised by Plaid Cymru ward councillors who say it would be “way out of proportion”.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “To propose such a vast site is way out of proportion. There are only a handful of spaces currently available but where is the evidence that there is demand for a development of this size?  This proposal is completely unacceptable as it stands.

“We are also disappointed that Caerphilly council officers failed to inform the ward councillors of this proposal before the information was relayed to the media. This is unacceptable and we should not have been kept in the dark.”

Caerphilly council has announced a feasibility study on plans for a 500-space car park in the village – twice as many as the number mooted 17 years ago.

Fellow ward councillor Rob Gough, the Plaid group’s transport spokesperson, said: “Since 2002 when first discussions on a park and ride started it was only 250 spaces were proposed spaces and an exhibition was held in the village. To learn about proposals to provide 500 spaces came as quite a surprise it would be the largest park and ride site in the county borough. This could mean more than 1,000 plus vehicle movements a day on a very short stretch of road.

“What is being proposed would cause traffic problems permanently a minimum of five  days a week. Colin and I met with officers on Monday, who are leading on delivering the feasibility study, to express our concerns. At this moment no one knows what the site is capable of coping with. As the site as been used since the 1960’s for recreation purpose, we are insisting that some kind of recreation provision is included in the study.”