Plaid and Independents slam lack of democracy at Labour-run Caerphilly Council


Plaid Cymru and Independent councillors have accused Labour leaders of Caerphilly council of showing  scant regard for democracy.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, said: “We’re concerned at the attitude of the Labour Cabinet and particularly the leader, Dave Poole, who believes he knows best.

“Their plans to shut Pontllanfraith Leisure Centre were blocked by the courts, yet it seems Councillor Poole is determined to push ahead regardless of the views of the local community.

“At the Cabinet meeting last week, Councillor Poole ranted that opposition councillors had called-in a Cabinet decision on proposed increases in fees and charges, complaining about how much it had cost to do so.

 “He conveniently ignored the fact that the policy and resources scrutiny committee – majority Labour members – unanimously voted to send back the decision to raise charges to Cabinet for re-consideration.  Cabinet then ignored scrutiny and put them up anyway.

 “Showing scant regard for democracy seems to be the pattern of Labour in Caerphilly. Councillor Poole even walked out of a recent meeting with the Islwyn Labour MP. He appears to listen to no-one.”

 Independent leader Councillor Kevin Etheridge said: “ Cabinet ignores my call in requests after supported by Plaid and Labour at scrutiny, and this is not democracy as we were elected by the people for the people of the county borough leaving scrutiny worthless.”