Plaid Leader Urges More Labour Councillors To Oppose Cutting Services To Pay For Legal Costs


Plaid Cymru has welcomed opposition from Labour councillors to pay for even more lawyers fees in an attempt to overturn a court decision.  

But Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the Plaid Cymru group,  says that the 10 Labour councillors who signed a letter to the council leader Dave Poole should have spoken up earlier.

The Labour Cabinet is still proposing to close Pontllanfraith Leisure Centre and slashing frontline services to pay for more lawyers.

Councillor Colin Mann said: “I’m pleased that at least 10 Labour councillors have seen the light and recognise the decision to use lawyers in an attempt to shut Pontllanfraith Leisure Centre is a bad one.

“The council leader Dave Poole should not be using public funds to pay for solicitors to try and overturn a court decision. And what is even worse is that he is preparing to cut services to the public to pay lawyer’s fees which could meet the costs of the leisure centre staying open

“Councillor Poole is proving once again how out of touch he is with the views of the public. I hope more Labour councillors will search their consciences and join the opposition to wasting more money on paying lawyers. Hasn’t he learnt a lesson about legal costs from the £ millions spent on the senior officers’ pay scandal?

“Bad decisions by the Labour Cabinet are making it more and more of a laughing stock with the public.  This is another reason why I have asked the Local Government  Minister to put Caerphilly CBC into special measures.”