Llanbradach & Pwll-y-Pant Community Council back Welsh Independence


Llanbradach & Pwll-y-Pant Community Council has become the latest Welsh local authority to throw its weight behind the campaign for Welsh Independence.

Members present debated and  voted unanimously to approve the motion stating: “Propose that this council actively supports the campaign for Welsh Independence and proactively encourage the increase in positive dialogue on Independence to better inform the Welsh people of the benefits that Independence can bring to the people of Wales, local communities and the wider Welsh economy.”

Councillor Colin Mann, who proposed the motion, said: “Most people will have noticed that there has been a move in thinking in Wales where the question of Independence is now being considered by many more people than has traditionally been the case

“It is no wonder that the feeling is growing when we view the chaos in Westminster.  We all know that the interests of the people of Wales are usually totally ignored by Westminster government.

“Is it possible to make a bigger mess ourselves than is presently being made in London?  I would suggest not.”

Community council chairman David Rees added: “This motion recognises that any move towards further self-determination is by no means simple and supports the exploring of the myriad of issues that will arise before Wales reaches Independence.

“At the same time, we must start considering these issues whilst keeping our eyes firmly set on the main goal that the people of Wales make all decisions affecting our population and not rely on mis-government from elsewhere.”

Delyth Jewell AM, who spoke at the latest Independence march in Merthyr Tydfil, which was attended by more than 5,000 people, said: “With the current shambles in Westminster deepening by the day, it's little wonder that more and more people are deciding that decisions affecting people's lives in Wales should be made closer to home.

“But independence isn't an ideological position: rather, want independence so that we can start our own journey and make decisions that will help the people living in our communities to flourish.

“It was a tremendous honour to address the march in Merthyr at the weekend, alongside Eddie Butler and Neville Southall. I think that even more people will turn to this over the coming months as an idea whose time has come.”